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Dynamics of bioindices in mud crab Scylla serrata (Forsskål, 1775) occurring in Hooghly-Matlah Estuary of West Bengal, India

Mohinor Alam Khan, Sudhir Kumar Das, Dibakar Bhakta


Dynamics of some bio indices (carapace width [CW] and body weight [W] relationship, relative condition factor [Kn]) of mud crab Scylla serrata (Forsskål, 1775), collected from the Hooghly-Matlah Estuary of West Bengal, were studied for a period of one year. A total of 325 specimens were collected (CW 44 – 120 mm, W 20 – 210 g) and studied. The CW and W relationship was found as W = 0.0006 CW2.665 for male and W = 0.001 CW2.561 for female. The b value was found relatively higher in male indicating better growth rate compared to females. Moreover, the growth pattern was allometric. The monthly mean Kn was 0.968 to 1.058 for males and 0.962 to 1.054 for females that significant varied (P < 0.05) among sampling months.


Scylla serrata; mud crab; biotic index; relative condition factor; Hooghly-Matlah Estuary

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